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Bag Man


Nobody listened to the Bag Man. He moved like a ghost through the busy streets clutching discarded images from screwed up newspapers he’d rescued from bins. His face was permanently distorted, masked with terror. His sunken eyes wept as he tried desperately to make contact with another human being.

But avoid him they did.

For to acknowledge him, they would have to gaze upon the images of children washed up on beaches – their small bodies lying half naked, dead on the shore.

‘What’s happened to humanity and compassion?’ he would wail into their faces. ‘Are we not all human beings to be cherished and loved? Shame on you for turning away!’

And yet, turn away they did.

The Bag Man was arrested for disturbing the peace. His pictures were sealed in a plastic bag and  locked away in drawer.

Out of sight – out of mind.

He took no comfort in the knowledge that the newspapers would have more tomorrow.

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