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The Moment


Once upon a time a moment was born.

It waited patiently for someone to acknowledge its existence – but sadly, the moment was always missed.

Until one day, someone a bit like you, reached out and grasped the moment passionately with both hands.

‘Why do you seize me so?’ the moment asked.

‘Because you are precious,’ someone replied.

And the moment, feeling so utterly appreciated by someone, became golden.

The golden moment, shared its radiant glow with someone, until they both felt contentment, making every other moment, they had ever experienced, however dull and insignificant seem worthwhile.

‘Yes,’ the golden moment whispered to someone.

And, in return, someone smiled a knowing smile.

Together they lingered, knowing only peace, until eventually the golden moment passed, becoming a beautiful memory, caught in the edges of someone’s smile- twinkling like a star in someone’s eye.

Someone – a bit like you.

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