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Mash Stories Shortlist

Yippee! One of my short stories has just made it onto the Mash Stories Competition Shortlist!

Mash Stories is a competition where writers can submit a short 500 word story which must include the three randomly selected words. This time it was Mug, Happiness and Converter

When I first discovered this competition last year, it caused a bit of a stir among members of my writing group. Mainly because once you submit your story it goes off to the judges to be considered for the shortlist. You then get feedback from the judges on your writing: why it didn’t make it through, things to improve or change.

When you write, feedback from a neutral source is such a valuable thing. So quite a few members of our group entered and some were shortlisted one actually went on to win that round, he then became a Mash Stories judge (as did another member of our group).

I’ve entered seven stories in total – this is the first one to be shortlisted!

Needless to say I feel I have reached a happy milestone.

To read The Last Wish, follow this link:

The Last Wish

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