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The Briar and The Mouse


On reflection – all things said,
I should take heed where my feet tread.
Off the beaten path they roamed
Far from comforts of my home.
They led me to a patch of briar,
That really was not my desire.
It snagged and caught me in its trap,
My mouth did scream, my arms did flap.
It was no use. My cries were futile,
When, before my eyes a wee mouse did pootle.
‘Help me,’ I gasped, ‘I think I’m stuck!’
The mouse replied, ‘What rotten luck.
You know, you should not fight and struggle.’
Then the mouse hopped over and gave me a cuddle.
My body relaxed where I was braced,
His little arms wrapped round my waist.
With my tiny friend right by my side
I breathed though the pain. I laughed, I cried.
Through the pressing doom and gloom,
I saw red roses start to bloom.
The thorny stems about all loosened,
Which brought me to this neat conclusion:
If ever I’m bound by my own resistance
It’s okay to ask for a little assistance.
And the mess in which I often tangle,
May not seem so bad from a different angle.
So, next time my feet they do wander,
Of that bothersome briar I shall but ponder.
Not to struggle against its painful hold,
But relax and let the mess unfold.
For beauty lies in the strangest of places,
And comfort is found in the tiniest embraces.

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