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I Wonder, I Wander


Thoughts are like jumping beans. They do not work logically from A to  B – linear, as you would expect. Instead they take us through tight spaces and over prickly bushes, under the deepest darkest blankets, eventually arriving at some kind of conclusion.

As Mr Tolkien once said, ‘Not all those who wander are lost,’ often wandering is the surest way to find enlightenment. There is something that happens to the thought process when you walk and talk at the same time. The act of involving your limbs seems to bring forth new ideas and find ways of resolving problems. I wonder if our logical minds are so busy with the physical body that our thoughts are free for a moment to wander about and play, like children set loose in a forest.

So, if you find yourself stuck in a tricky situation, take yourself out for a wander and listen to your thoughts.

Writing needs a little nudge every now and again. Often our logical minds get too involved in a story and start to confuse things. In my experience writing is not a logical process. It is thought in its purest form, so it’s very messy indeed.

I feel that my job as a writer, is to allow my thoughts to wander, to take me into those sticky situations, those deepest darkest places. And I will follow and listen as they talk. Taking note of their wisdom.

I wonder if  thoughts come from our hearts, not our heads.

Which is why we have crazy thoughts sometimes, ones that our logical minds have to work really hard to rationalise. And if they can’t, the thoughts are dismissed.

A writer takes those thoughts, those waifs and strays, and nurtures them. Breathing life into those weird and wonderful misfits, giving them a voice.

Which in turn is why a reader gains so much pleasure from being led into another world. It’s a direct connection with thought.

A connection to our heart’s desire.

I wonder.


I wander.

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