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Writer, may I introduce you to Artist

This week, I’ve been struggling to visualise Sylvie in my current WIP, ‘The Lost Song’. She’s been a bit of a blur, not settling in my minds eye.

While she appears as a silver Maine Coon cat in this world, in another world she’s a teenage girl.

My artist self instinctively reached out for a pencil and a sketch pad, and within a few hours and many drafts, Sylvie started to come though, and with her came a sense of clarity.

I don’t know why I haven’t ever really introduced the Writer and the Artist together before. Until now they have been working independently to one another, often they are happier that way – they can be solitary birds sometimes.

However, I’m kind of hoping they may wish to become more acquainted from now on. It has inspired me to sketch other characters and scenes within The Lost Song.

The meeting of writer and artist could prove to be most fruitful indeed!

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