A Piece of Me


The toils of Man

The spoils of Man

The twisted coils that blind the Man.

A bird without wings

Dreams of flight,

A bear without claws

Powerless to fight.

When shadows rise up like a wall

Boundaries crossed

Childhood lost

Family pulled and pulled.

And home – home is a fragile word

A finely woven girdle of roots

A gossamer veil lost to the wind

A small breath released

Yet never inhaled

‘Run away child – run while you can!’

You hear the Earth whisper,

‘You are, my Husband, my Wife

My Brother, my Sister.

I am your home, wherever you roam.’

Fingertips searching

A trinket hidden in your pockets deep

Buried like bones

Together we weep

We grieve

Of what was not to be,

Of ‘Once upon a times,’ and ‘Long, long agos.’

You can take a piece of me.

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