Let’s create some magic

close up of red table

To create is to make something exist.

Something that wasn’t there before. A bit like a magician pulling a rabbit from his hat, when we are in that creative space we can make the impossible possible.

How often do we indulge our creative self and value our ability to bring an idea into reality?

Not often enough!

Over the past week, I’ve had the pleasure to experience others creativity in a series of glass workshops I have been running. We have journeyed together, through fear and frustration to arrive at a place of satisfaction, accomplishment and pure amazement…

Wow! I made that!

I can do this!

I actually made that thing exist!

A funny thing happens when we gather together with others to create.

We talk.

While our bodies are busy with the task and our creative juices are flowing, it opens up a space to discuss old projects you always meant to revisit, but never had the time, of places and times in your life that had an impact – good and bad. We can lean on each other, be vulnerable, offer help and encouragement without judgement.

We connect on a deeper level.

It takes me back to my Art College days. We were a bunch of kids, fresh out of school, slightly bashed and damaged, a different shape, not quite fitting in.

Lost and dreaming.

Then we came together. We were given our very own space to create –  a little corner in a port-a-hut. We became a family. We drove each other mad at times, we hugged and cried, we inspired and encouraged. Frequently picking one other up off the floor when everything





We created magic in that port-a-hut.

We made things exist.

I didn’t realise it then, but I was so lucky to have the opportunity to express myself, with the support of my friends, at a time in my life when I was trying to figure it all out.

Not only did I create things….

Those things created me.

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