Bean Sawyer lives in Pembrokeshire, West Wales at the foot of the Preseli Hills with her family.P1000137

She studied Illustration and Stained Glass at college and runs a business Artisan Rising, where she makes bespoke illustrative stained glass windows.

Over the last couple of years she has been working on her first Contemporary Fiction novel  Second Star to the Right, and more recently, her Crime Fiction novel The Whisperer, after winning the Writers & Artists Killer Fiction Competition in 2015. Bean has also completed many short stories and pieces of Flash Fiction during that time, some of which can be read on the Flash Fiction page.

Bean is inspired by every-day people and the the landscape where she lives. She has spent a lot of her life living and breathing an alternative and often unconventional lifestyle, bringing an element  of the obscure into her writing. She believes stories should be inspirational to the reader, giving everyone a gift they will carry for life.

Bean welcomes any feedback on her writing – so please feel free to comment or get in touch!

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