The Whisperer


In the depths of rural West Wales, a young boy, Zak Falkner goes missing, along with his dog. DCI Cerys Floyd is called out to investigate. The case takes a critical turn when a child from a bordering county also disappears.

The clock starts ticking…

 Cerys is also dealing with the aftermath of her decision to leave her husband and son and move back to The Sanctuary: her father’s wildlife rescue center in the Preseli Hills. Her past comes back to haunt her, in the shape of local Journalist, Ruth Winterson and she’s faced with the biggest decision of her life.

The pressure is on…

DCI Cerys Floyd hunts for the missing children. But with little evidence and a vast area to search, it wasn’t going to be easy.

“The old stone barn was framed by the gathering grey clouds. Wyn paused; he didn’t want to go in there, he didn’t want to see Dot, but she needed him. He had to be strong.

The others were whispering.

‘Sssh,’ he mumbled. ‘I know as much as you do. Da is going to save her. Now – be quiet.’

The restless voices obeyed, retreating into the shadows. Wyn drew a deep breath continuing towards the door.”

“The River Cych sparkled in the sun as it bubbled over Zak’s toes. His trouser legs were rolled up, but he pulled them even higher over his knees anyway – just in case. He paddled in front of the little stone bridge where Clara sat close to Noah. Their legs dangled over the edge of the stone slabs, toes only just touching the surface of the water, talking quietly about boring stuff – giggling every now and again. Zak had even seen them kiss when they thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t want to watch anyway. It looked horrible.”